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My Practice

I am a BACP registered Person - Centred therapist harnessing the healing powers of nature, movement, and creativity to provide therapeutic support and help to adults, and families, in the Kentish Town and Hampstead areas of North London.

As a Person - Centred therapist my aim is to provide a genuine therapeutic relationship with empathy and acceptance at the core and a space where we untangle current and past experiences to make sense of your innermost sensations and feelings. You might be experiencing symptoms of anxiety, stress, grief, and depression and seeking answers to why this may be so. You may feel lost and are seeking meaning and purpose; a way forwards.

I believe you hold the ability to heal past and present emotional hurt within the safe boundaries of a therapeutic relationship. The very nature of therapy can mean at times it feels incredibly powerful when a meaningful connection is made; like the sun has suddenly broke free from behind the clouds, and yet, at other times the healing process can be slow and tough and dark; like you're walking through deep sludge.​  

Nature based outdoor therapy sessions allow clients to connect to their memories and feelings while moving through the ever changing landscape over Heath or through woodland. These sessions have been described as 'life affirming'. Sessions often mirror a client's current state of being, and provide metaphors which can be incredibly powerful and healing for example, choosing a tricky uphill path to walk along (mirroring inner struggles), crouching beneath low lying branches of a willow (to feel small and childlike) and creating sculptures or images from natural treasures gathered along the way (to be imaginative and playful)​.

I work with adults on a 1:1 basis and currently offer clients outdoor therapy (on Hampstead Heath and in Highgate Wood), traditional room based therapy (in NW5) or remote therapy - either online via Zoom or by telephone.

I offer family based Forest School sessions in a local woodland.  Please get in touch for more information.

My Practice: About Me
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