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What I Offer

Let's Walk

I invite you to come outside, to move through woodland or over heath, to experience the healing qualities of being in the ever changing seasonal landscape that nature offers. We can stick to the accessible paths or choose a slightly less traveled route. 

Alongside my counselling practice I can provide Therapeutic Forest School family sessions; a space where both parent and child can be supported and nurtured through engagement with carefully planned activities. 

Let's Talk

My Private Practice room is located in North London, NW5 where I offer face2face sessions and also provide therapy remotely via Zoom, WhatsApp, or FaceTime. 

It is a warm and comfortable space and you are welcome to sit in the chair or on the floor - cushions and throws are provided. 

There are natural materials such as pebbles, pine cones and sea glass for you to handle and explore. I also proved some basic art materials should you wish to explore shape, colour and form during your session.

Let's Create

Creativity comes in many forms and can be accessed in many places.

While outdoors you may wish to utilise the natural treasures you gather along the way to create an image or sculpture and express that which cannot be put into words.

Connecting with your creativity and nature can also happen indoors, when manipulating and handling natural treasures stored in a basket, removing your shoes to feel the ground beneath your feet, and working therapeutically with clay to add form and texture to those things which might yet be unspoken.

Sunset in the Woods
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